The majority of us take having access to the digital world for granted and don’t even think about it until we lose it.

When a messenger service goes down for an hour, the connected world goes nuts. When you leave your phone in a cab, you forfeit your sense of direction, your money, and your ability to call for transport home. You suddenly experience what it’s like to live without connection, and you’re completely unprepared. Being digitally connected to the world around us allows us to go beyond the present and explore and dream about a world yet to come. It maintains connections between people who are separated by enormous distances, provides access to all knowledge and educational opportunities, and opens up a world of possibilities for people of all ages.

For more than three decades, Huawei has brought the unconnected together, even in the most difficult environments such as islands, oceans, deserts, and tropical jungles. No matter where they are on the planet, communities can become stronger and businesses can thrive when economic and social value are built together. As a result, owing to Huawei’s ICT solutions, including RuralStar, almost 120 million people in rural areas spanning more than 80 countries will now have connectivity.