A beluga whale, known as Hvaldimir and believed to have been involved in alleged Russian military activities, has entered Swedish waters after four years of swimming along the Norwegian coast. Hvaldimir gained international attention in 2019 when it was spotted wearing a specially designed harness that experts suspected was connected to Russian military training. OneWhale, an organization dedicated to protecting the whale’s well-being, reported the recent sighting in Sweden and praised the country’s efforts to ensure the whale’s safety. Sweden promptly contacted OneWhale upon Hvaldimir’s arrival and even closed a bridge to protect the whale. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries revealed that Hvaldimir has been traveling along the Norwegian coast since 2019, occasionally stopping at fish farms to feed. The whale is known to interact with boats and play with people on board. Concerns were raised when Hvaldimir approached the densely populated area of Oslo, increasing the risk of injury due to human contact.

Experts have suggested that Hvaldimir is a trained animal, and the harness it wore had mounts for cameras, bearing the inscription “Equipment St. Petersburg.” Speculation suggests that the whale originated in Russia, and the Russian navy could have potentially trained it for various military operations, including guarding naval bases and assisting divers. While Hvaldimir’s situation remains precarious in Sweden due to the high population density, OneWhale and the Swedish authorities are committed to ensuring the whale’s well-being. The continued presence of Hvaldimir in Scandinavian waters highlights ongoing interest and concern regarding the alleged involvement of marine animals in military activities.