Welcome to the hidden treasure of Finland, Onkalo! This extraordinary underground facility tackles the issue of nuclear waste in a remarkable way. Let’s explore how Finland protects the environment and future generations by creatively burying dangerous fuel deep below the surface.

Finland leads in nuclear waste management with Onkalo, a hidden facility on the country’s west coast. Built within solid rock, it securely stores Finland’s nuclear waste is stored in tunnels, sealed chambers, copper containers, clay buffers, and solid bedrock at the Olkiluoto site. This stable location with minimal water flow ensures safety. Local participation is crucial for support and safety. Deep geological disposal at Olkiluoto provides a secure and long-lasting solution for nuclear waste management.

Onkalo in Finland embodies our sustainable future, showcasing human ingenuity in addressing environmental challenges. Through meticulous planning, scientific expertise, and community participation, Finland sets a remarkable example of safe and responsible nuclear waste management, ensuring the well-being of present and future generations.