Google has recently announced that it will block Canadian news content as a response to a new law passed by Canada’s parliament. This law, called the Online News Act, requires big tech companies like Google and Meta’s Facebook to negotiate agreements with Canadian news providers. Meta had already revealed its plans to restrict news content for Canadian users. The law is set to come into effect in six months. This action taken by Google is similar to what happened in Australia when a similar law was amended. Two years ago, Meta briefly blocked users in Australia from sharing or viewing news on its platforms, which led lawmakers to make changes to the legislation. After the amendments, both Google and Meta successfully negotiated more than 30 deals with Australian media companies.

Google criticized the Canadian law, saying it’s “unworkable” and suggesting changes. The government believes the law ensures fair compensation for struggling news outlets and promotes fairness in the digital news market. The impact of Google blocking Canadian news links is unclear. Google plans to participate in the regulatory process and be transparent. News Media Canada believes a fair resolution is possible and urges everyone to get involved.