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Paris sets 30 kph speed limit to boost road safety and reduce pollution


©Francois Mori / AP via CNN Pre-reading questions: I will read each question. Then, please answer them. What is the speed limit in your city/town? Does traffic make you stressed? Vocabulary: I will read the words, meanings, and sample sentences. Then, repeat after me. argue /AHR-gyoo/ [verb] – to give the reasons for your opinion, idea, belief, etc She argued that time is more important than anything else. accessible /ak-SES-uh-buhl / [adjective] – able to be reached or easily got The area is accessible to commuters. widen /WAHYD-n/ [verb] – to become, or to make something greater in width We need to widen the office space. conduct /KON-duhkt/ [verb] –…
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