Waste, including plastic, is a big problem all around the world. Greyparrot is a company from the UK that is using special technology to make waste management better. They have cameras and computers that can track and study waste. This helps improve how we manage waste and design packaging that is good for the environment. Other companies, like Footprint and Polytag, are also working on making packaging that is better for the Earth and recycling plastic bottles. These efforts aim to solve waste problems and promote using resources in a way that can be used again.

But there are new challenges, like the increasing amount of electronic waste from disposable vapes. To solve these problems, it is important to change how people use things and make choices that are good for the environment. Cooperation between technology, experts, and government rules is important to make real changes happen. When people, organizations, and communities work together, they can use technology to think of new ideas and better ways to manage waste. These efforts will make the world cleaner and better for future generations.