Australia is going to make a super-tall wooden tower called the C6 building, and it will be the tallest one in the world! The city of Perth has given the green light for this amazing project. It’s going to be really high—about 191.2 meters, or 627 feet tall. What’s cool about it is that it’s going to be made mostly from wood, about 42 percent, mixed with strong concrete. They’re doing this to help the environment and make buildings more eco-friendly. The C6 building will be in Perth and will have space for about 200 people on 50 floors. It’s special because it shows how wood and concrete can work together in buildings, which is good for the planet. Australia’s new tall wooden tower, the C6 building, is a significant eco-friendly step. It’s the second of its kind in Australia, demonstrating a strong environmental commitment. Some experts are even considering its potential for carbon reduction. With features like rooftop gardens, urban farming, and electric car spaces, it’s a major move towards a cleaner, better world.