Apple has launched a new device called the Vision Pro headset, aiming to change how people watch TV at home and use computers at work. This innovative gadget costs $3,500 and combines digital content with real-world views, making it different from regular TVs and Mac computers. It is available in Apple stores in the United States but faces competition from cheaper options by Meta Platforms, HTC, and others that mainly target gamers.

Despite its high price, the Vision Pro boasts custom computing chips and advanced displays, setting it apart. Major streaming services like Netflix and YouTube have yet to develop dedicated apps for it, opting for the Safari web browser. Nonetheless, Apple’s collaboration with Walt Disney has resulted in an immersive Disney+ app for the Vision Pro. This app allows users to explore scenes from popular movies like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Avengers: Endgame.” Experts believe the Vision Pro could change how shows are watched and how entertainment is experienced at events and theme parks. Working with Disney, it could provide more options than traditional TVs, captivating users with engaging stories and characters.