Marriott International, along with Sungai Watch, Bali NextGen Business Council, and local volunteers, organized a big cleanup in North Bali’s Baturiti area on March 15th. Over 110 volunteers joined forces to clear away a whopping 8 tons of plastic waste, which significantly reduced the pollution threat to nearby Beratan Lake. This teamwork shows how important it is to keep taking action to protect Bali’s environment. Martin Ehlers, who manages Renaissance Bali Uluwatu and leads Marriott Business Council Indonesia, highlighted Marriott’s strong commitment to helping communities through sustainable practices. This project, done in partnership with Sungai Watch, adds to previous efforts like setting up a waste sorting facility and installing river barriers.

Sam Bencheghib, co-founder of Sungai Watch, praised everyone involved in the cleanup for making a real difference in cleaning up rivers. This success shows that when people work together, they can tackle environmental problems effectively. Marriott Business Council Indonesia is determined to keep supporting sustainability, with plans to help Sungai Watch improve its infrastructure and raise funds for environmental causes. Bali is facing a serious problem with plastic waste, showing why it’s so important to take proactive steps to protect its natural beauty. Projects like this remind us all to embrace sustainable practices. By reducing waste and involving the community, Bali aims for a greener, more peaceful future, preserving its stunning landscapes for generations to come.