Marriott International, alongside Sungai Watch, Bali NextGen Business Council, and local volunteers, orchestrated a significant environmental cleanup effort in North Bali’s Baturiti area on March 15th. With more than 110 volunteers uniting, an impressive 8 tons of plastic waste were successfully cleared, markedly diminishing the pollution threat to the nearby Beratan Lake. This collaborative endeavor underscores the pressing need for sustained actions to safeguard the island’s ecological equilibrium. Martin Ehlers, the general manager of Renaissance Bali Uluwatu and chairman of Marriott Business Council Indonesia, underscored Marriott’s steadfast dedication to positively impacting communities through sustainable practices. This initiative, a testament to Marriott’s broader partnership with Sungai Watch, builds upon previous endeavors such as establishing a Waste Sorting Facility and deploying river barriers.

Sam Bencheghib, Sungai Watch’s co-founder, lauded the collective endeavor and its tangible contribution to river cleaning initiatives. The success of this cleanup underscores the potency of collective action in tackling environmental challenges. Marriott Business Council Indonesia remains resolute in its commitment to sustainability, with forthcoming plans to bolster Sungai Watch’s infrastructure and fundraising efforts aimed at advancing environmental causes. Bali confronts a pressing issue with plastic waste, underscoring the imperative for proactive measures to safeguard its natural splendor. Initiatives like this serve as vital reminders to embrace sustainable practices. Through fostering waste reduction and community involvement, Bali strives for a greener, more harmonious future, preserving its breathtaking landscapes for generations to come.