A big fire broke out near Fort McMurray, Alberta, on May 15, 2024, making people leave their homes. Fortunately, the wind was expected to help calm the fire down. This happened as Canada started another season where fires are common, especially after last year when there were lots of fires all over the country. About 6,600 people had to leave parts of Fort McMurray, remembering a bad fire in 2016 that caused a lot of damage and forced many people to leave. Last year’s fires were so big that they covered a large area and even made the air dirty on the U.S. East Coast.

In British Columbia, a weather system helped control a fire near Fort Nelson, while in Manitoba, a large fire in Cranberry Portage led to evacuations. Various local, provincial, and federal agencies collaborated to manage the fires, deploying additional firefighters and assisting evacuees. Emphasis was placed on staying informed, prepared, and safe amidst the growing threat of fires due to climate change. Strategies like controlled burns, improved land management, and advanced firefighting technology are crucial for mitigating fire risks. Educating communities about fire safety measures before incidents occur can enhance resilience and response efforts.