The world is full of various places that are waiting to be explored. It’s really hard to list down all of these with so many places to choose from. Many tourist attractions were established throughout the years. From natural to man-made wonders to extraordinary places around the world. However, your vacation won’t be complete without traveling to some underwater attractions.

Bahrain is set to submerge Boeing 747 jet as the highlight of an underwater theme park. A 70-meter long aircraft is intentionally sunken for the project and will be open this summer. Aside from its centerpiece, the project will also include eco-friendly materials such as coral reefs, sculptures, and a clone of Bahraini pearl merchant’s house.

The attraction will bring a one of a kind experience for diving enthusiasts. It will also attract marine biologists, environmentalists, university students, and researchers. Moreover, it will allow students and researchers to conduct experiments.

The project is a partnership of public and private groups including Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority, the Supreme Council for Environment, the office of the First Deputy Prime Minister and a number of private companies.