The Rishiganga Hydroelectric Project dam in Uttarakhand, India bursts open from a deluge caused by a piece of Himalayan glacier falling on a river. Villages have been safely evacuated, but officials are still on the lookout for missing people caught in the torrent. One witness said that the wall of rocks and water quickly sped down the Dhauliganga river, and there was no time to sound the alarm. Uttarakhand police reported that the avalanche occurred at approximately 11:00 a.m. local time (India). “India stands with Uttarakhand and the nation prays for everyone’s safety there,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said and wrote on Twitter.

The floodwater along the Dhauliganga river crippled another power project in the Tapovan area. One witness mentioned that the flash flood was similar to a Bollywood scene film. According to the authorities, the main flood danger had already passed. The neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh has put its riverside areas on high alert for flooding. Experts continue their rescue efforts and investigation on the incident.