The largest canvas painting in the world has been sold for nearly 228 million dirhams or $62 million at a Dubai auction, making it one of the most expensive works of art ever sold. Sacha Jafri’s “The Journey of Humanity”, is approximately the size of four NBA basketball courts, covering over 17,000 square feet. The British painter created the artwork to raise money for children struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jafri divided the artwork into 70 parts and initially thought of selling the panels separately in the hopes of making a total of $30 million. But earlier in March, Dubai-based businessman Andre Abdoune bid more than twice the amount to purchase all paintings amounting to $62 million.

Proceeds from the auction will be given to various organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO as part of Jafri’s “Humanity Inspired” initiative. Jafri mentioned the sale as “a moment for humanity” in a statement released by Dubai Cares. “At the beginning of my ‘Humanity Inspired’ initiative, I had a vision to reconnect our broken planet through the hearts, minds, and souls of the children of the world,” Jafri said. “I feel in my heart that we have come one step closer to achieving this tonight, thanks to Andre.”