According to analysts from the UK Met Office, the UK’s national meteorological office, there is currently a 50/50 possibility that the planet will warm by more than 1.5C during the next five years. Based on new research, there is now a much higher chance of exceeding a critical global warming limit. Even though such an increase would only last a short while, researchers are worried about the general trend of temperatures. A record-breaking year will almost certainly occur between 2022 and 2026. As a result, the amount of warming gases in the atmosphere has increased quickly, and as a result, so have world temperatures. Pre-industrial levels are typically considered the temperatures recorded in the middle of the 19th century.
In 2015, the average global temperature first surpassed these levels by 1 degree. The Paris Climate Agreement, which pledged the world to keep the rise in global temperatures far below 2C while pursuing efforts to keep them under 1.5C, was also signed that year by political leaders. Governments reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining “1.5C alive” at COP26 in Glasgow last November. Scientists say the world has already experienced significant effects of 1C warming, such as the extreme wildfires that ravaged North America last year or the current heatwaves that are causing great damage in India and Pakistan.