A recent study shows that more than 46,000 people and £150 billion are needed to build houses that meet government climate targets in the southeast of the UK. Colleges are changing courses to include more energy efficiency and modern options. The Greater South East Net Zero Hub has received £78 million, but only 1,750 of the 7,500 homes from Hampshire to Norfolk and Kent to Northamptonshire were funded. The houses needed energy efficiency improvements like solar panels, heat pumps, and insulation. This year’s project lasted from March to September, and unused money was returned to the government. Maxine Narburgh, manager of the hub, called the project “incredibly disappointing” due to the lack of installers. 29 million homes in the UK will need solar panels, low-carbon heating systems, and improved energy efficiency by 2050, Narburgh added. Recent research shows that there should be a total of 100,000 workers trained in reconstruction. Meanwhile, 200,000 are needed at peak seasons since not all employees will work full-time on new installations.